Sales & Engineering

Tirupati Metals is a service oriented company in business to assist manufactures and related industries in their quest to have effective, efficient, and ergonomic material handling equipment for their facilities. The first step in this process it to provide you with information such as the proper equipment for your application and then the cost and availability of the equipment. This is accomplished in many instances with a no cost visit to your facility for an on site inspection and fact finding mission. After initial engineering a detailed proposal is then offered for consideration.

System Integration

Tirupati Metals is in its 24th year of providing many types of material handling equipment.

In many instances we have installed a number of different types of equipment into an integrated system. We have integrated belt and roller Tirupati with overhead chain conveyors, conveyors with scissor lifts, pushers, diverters, and numerous other material handling devices.

Tirupati System Controls

We can offer turnkey systems with Programmable Logic Controller systems that are tailored to your specific needs.

Our standard PLC provider is Allen-Bradley, but we can also provide other brands such as GE, Koyo, Automation Direct and IDEC.We always provide full documentation with CAD wiring diagrams and CD backups of PLC and touch screen programs.